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Choosing the Best Position For You - How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

Feb 13, 2023
Choosing the Best Position For You - How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

If you’re currently in a dilemma with what role to pick - this blog is for you.

When you’re in the latter stages of your job search, chances are that you’ll have more than one job offer on the table. 

This is great news for you - but can also make the decision-making process challenging, particularly if all of the offers you have on the table are attractive. Knowing where to start can be difficult, so we’ve put together a 5-step guide to help you with your process of elimination (and choose the right role for you).

#1 Assess the non-negotiables first and eliminate them accordingly

During your job search, you will have a list of non-negotiables that are important to you in your next role - let’s call them your “dealbreakers”. It could be the salary could be the location, the job title, or even the company culture. It’s important to stay true to these in the decision-making process, no matter how attractive something sounds on paper. 

What are your deal-breakers in order of importance, too? Look at this first and eliminate the offers that don’t have this. You don’t have to reject them straight away - but metaphorically reject them to help you assess the more attractive options on the table.

#2 Be realistic about things like travel and salary

If commuting time and salary aren’t non-negotiables for you, we strongly advise you to still consider these as they’re a pretty big part of your role and day-to-day. Is the salary on offer relative to your experience and also what you deserve? And, how will travelling to and from the office (if you’re hybrid or on-site) work? If you’re a maybe on the salary, or a maybe on the travel - take that as a hard no

Bonus tip: Find out if there’s any flexibility on travel and salary arrangements before you reject! Negotiation can also happen in the job offer process.

#3 What is the longevity of this organisation (and what are your motivations)

Be honest with yourself - is this a long-term career move or a tactical change for the interim? Yes, before you read that previous line with horror - there’s nothing wrong with taking a tactical career move for a year or two if it’s going to further you. But, only you’ll know the answer to what your true intentions are. 

If you are taking a role knowing that after a year you’ll be in a position to consider something new - or maybe you want a career break or want to travel, then that is going to influence your decision-making process. Consider the longevity within yourself as well as how that matches up with the organisations in question who have given you an offer. 

#4 Culture and values - are they aligned?

We can’t stress this enough, even if all of the technical boxes are ticked but you have some reservations about the culture and values of the organisation, this is something to think about before accepting or rejecting an offer. If you feel like there are some stones that have been left unturned - ask questions. Get some more insight into all facets of the business before making your decision.

Bonus tip: Have you spoken to all the people you wanted to in the organisation? If not, don’t be afraid to set up conversations to ensure that all grounds have been covered.

#5 Be open, prompt, and courteous when declining a job offer (and don’t decline them all at once)

This may sound slightly backward - but don’t reject all of your offers at once. Instead, accept your favourite offer and make sure that you have all of the paperwork, questions, and areas covered before rejecting others. 

Until your contract is physically signed - don’t close yourself off because you never know what may crop up depending on how each offer has been presented to you. Read your contract thoroughly and make sure that you have compared it against the other offers. Be open and prompt in your responses to all offers!

And finally, it’s time to get excited!

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