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CV VS LinkedIn Profile: Which is More Powerful?

Aug 14, 2023
CV VS LinkedIn Profile: Which is More Powerful?

The world of work has changed exponentially - especially over the past five years. How we apply for jobs, and how we are screened for jobs can vary depending on our seniority, industry, and company that we would like to work for. 

There are currently over 875 million users on LinkedIn, and with hundreds of thousands of jobs circulating on the platform alone at any given time, it begs the question - is the traditional CV dead?

LinkedIn works on a very similar basis to your traditional CV. We like to look at it as a marriage of a typical social media profile (your picture, a bit about you and the opportunity to showcase your personality) and a paper CV. LinkedIn is an incredible platform which gives you the added bonus of networking - one that a paper (or digital) CV doesn’t give you. 

The opportunity to network means that you can push your profile out and have a lot more control over who sees your professional experience. You can also directly message employers and hiring managers, an added bonus that a traditional job board won’t give you, no matter how good your CV is.

When do you use LinkedIn?

We believe there are three key times you should use your LinkedIn instead of your CV:

#1 Scoping out potential companies/hiring managers you’d like to connect with

The beauty of LinkedIn is the opportunity to connect with organisations and the individuals within them. Unlike a traditional CV, your LinkedIn profile allows you to network much like you would on Facebook or Instagram, following key people and also connecting and messaging them. 

#2 Networking and building connections

Even if you aren’t actively seeking an opportunity, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool to also connect with peers within your chosen industry. This will be beneficial for you in the long-term, as you’ll be able to get insights, advice, and even compare salaries with peers so when you are ready to look for new opportunities, you have up-to-date information available. 

#3 LinkedIn job applications

There will be companies out there that won’t require a traditional CV - especially in the early screening stages. You can simply use “LinkedIn Apply” to send your profile directly to the hiring manager/company. 

When do you use your CV?

We believe that you should use your CV when it’s explicitly stated that it’s required. Whether it’s via a job board or even on LinkedIn (let’s say a recruiter or hiring manager asks to see it) you should provide it as a reference point alongside your LinkedIn profile. 

Generally, you will always need to provide a CV at some stage in the recruitment process, so ensuring that it’s up-to-date and cohesive with your LinkedIn profile is a must. Your CV is also a great opportunity for you to tailor your experience and skills to the role that you’re applying for. 

So, which is better?

There’s no “silver bullet” to what is actually better. You have to weigh up when it’s appropriate to use your LinkedIn profile to get you an opportunity, and when your CV will enable you to secure that “dream role”. In summary, a combination of both your CV and LinkedIn profile can be incredibly powerful, so don’t underestimate either of them. 

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