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How to Build your own Advisory Board

May 30, 2022
How to Build your own Advisory Board

When you think of an advisory board, what springs to mind? We often associate advisory boards with the likes of business moguls, CEOs, and investors, when in reality we can build our own boards regardless of status or job role! Your advisory board can play crucial parts in your personal and professional life, and ultimately help you to make better decisions.

In work and life, you shouldn’t be expected to know all the answers (nor should you put that pressure on yourself, either). Instead, having an advisory board can make decision-making and general day-to-day questions and dilemmas easier to handle. Just think, even some of the most successful people in business didn’t do it on their own - they had a team of people advising them on best practices and how to get there!

So, who are the top 5 people that you need on your advisory board?

#1 The Cheerleader

This is someone who is always hyping you from the sidelines. They have a positive (but balanced) outlook yet don’t sit too close to you professionally. The cheerleader isn’t there to give opinions or have critical conversations with you, instead, their purpose is to be your beacon of positivity when you most need it!

#2 The Critic

This is someone who is the queen or king of devil's advocate. They question everything and are incredibly reflective. They have a good understanding of what you do as a professional and may even be in the same industry as you. They are a critic - but one that is solutions-focused so you can have a positive outcome. 

#3 The Motivator

Think about the most energetic, get-up-and-go person you know - they’re your motivator. Having a bad day? No such thing. Feeling stressed? Use it to your advantage. 

They are a solution provider but in a way that makes you feel as though you can achieve anything. Again, they may also be excellent motivators if they work in the same field as you, but equally, it can be a friend or family member who has an excellent mindset and discipline about them.

#4 The Dreamer

This person is the definition of “sky’s the limit” - and - unlike the cheerleader, they aren’t grounded in the slightest. Instead, they have their metaphorical head in the clouds, and sometimes you need people like that on your advisory board! 

It might sound controversial, but sometimes you need people who think in this way. They allow you to bring new ideas to the table without fear of judgement, and they relish things that are out of the ordinary. The dreamer in your life is far from boring, and allows you to think creatively and (sometimes) absurdly.

#5 The Role Model

This individual inspires you and is 3-4 “stages” in front of where you’d like to be professionally or personally. Their behaviours, approach and general attitude are infectious, and you feel as though you learn something new from them every day. Most importantly, you value their opinion deeply and take on board their advice and guidance.

And finally… it’s crucial to have people on your “advisory board” that have a positive influence on your life. 

Especially if someone is offering their advice or criticisms, you want to ensure that it’s coming from a good place and that these individuals have your best interests at heart. Once you secure your dream advisory board, everything from career advice, to life advice becomes a lot easier!

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