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How to Get GCP Certified

Aug 4, 2022
How to Get GCP Certified

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A GCP certification stands for “Google Cloud Platform” and is the latest certification that is in demand. The current study time and amount of knowledge it takes to get GCP certified can sometimes make it feel impossible. On average, it takes someone 250 hours to be able to pass it. 

The certification covers multiple areas within the Google Cloud, and there are different certifications available depending on experience level, you can find a breakdown at the bottom of this blog. 

So, where do you start?

Having spoken to many individuals who have passed multiple GCP certifications, one key factor is preparation. Luckily, Google’s infrastructure is relatively easy to understand, making it easier for developers/enthusiasts to navigate, so it’s super user-friendly.

Google communities host almost weekly practice labs all over, these are hosted in their Start-Up labs and even smaller breakaway groups in coffee shops. These are great places to find a ‘study buddy’, that way you can brainstorm and even work on case studies together. 

Try and get a hold of as many resources as possible, practise exams and know the types of questions they ask. Remember that doing the exam you need to ‘think like an architect’, it sounds strange, but you need to leave behind your inner developer and think of the exam as fulfilling business goals with GCP.

What are the benefits of being GCP certified?

Like any certification or exam result, becoming GCP certified can open up many windows of opportunity when it comes to career progression and also being exposed to new roles in the market. 

The certification is recognised not only from a technical perspective but also because it isn’t an easy certification to ascertain. And finally, you are verified to have control from deployment to optimisation, making you a valuable asset in comparison to other team members.

How do I know if I need a certification?

If you work in tech, or you work with Google products - you should probably consider doing it. Although the certification costs, it’s worth looking at whether your current employer would cover the cost, so you can upskill in your current role. 

Alternatively, there are pay-as-you-go plans should you decide to invest in the certification yourself. 

To see the list of certifications, click here

In summary, getting a GCP certification isn’t easy - but it should form a core part of your professional development if you work in tech. The more you invest in yourself, the more likely you are to have interesting opportunities come your way!

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