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The Power of a Diverse Network

Feb 27, 2023
The Power of a Diverse Network

Have you ever heard the phrase “your network is your net worth” before? If you’ve worked in recruitment or any sales-based job, chances are you’ve had this statement reiterated to you a thousand times, mostly because it’s true! Your network truly is your net worth - and the more diverse it is, the better. 

We form our networks around our shared experiences: where we work, where we live, common interests, as well as our background. Our networks influence our perspectives, beliefs, and ideas. 

So, how can you start to build a diverse network?

First, you need a foundation network to start off with

Work: Who do you have in your professional life that is already a part of your core network? It could be a colleague, a peer, a mentor, or even a client. 

Personal Life: Whether it’s people from school or university or friends you’ve met over the years, perhaps even family members.

Hobbies: These are individuals you’ve met who may fall into the category of work and personal too, but they’re largely networked with your hobbies - this could be sport or something else. 

When was the last time you travelled?

Travelling abroad is most definitely a luxury and privilege - but it doesn’t have to be jet-setting to be productive networking. 

We are products of our environments, and if we stay in the same environment for too long, we can definitely run the risk of being stagnant. If you have the benefit of flexible working, find new places to work - particularly places where you know you’re going to meet interesting people. 

It could be a new co-working space, a café, or even a member's club that provides free passes - you won’t expand your network if you’re consistently in the same environment. Equally, if your job allows you to travel and network, make it a part of your daily routine. Talk to someone new, sit and have a coffee with someone - it makes a world of difference. 

Going to places alone = key networking opportunity

Being on your own is the best way to meet new people. If you’re in a group or with one other person it automatically can close you off from people approaching you - particularly if they are also alone. Attending events, conferences, and talks alone are a prime opportunity to meet interesting people who are also out networking - so try this out and see how it serves you!

Consume varied media

If you’re spending the majority of your time sitting on Netflix (which look, we are all absolutely guilty of) it might be time to expand your media consumption and look at personal development. 

You can find a lot of this type of content on LinkedIn which will then segue into networking with individuals online, but equally, you can expand your mind through consuming books, podcasts, and videos which will enable you to reach your networking goals. A lot of the time with networking, it’s all about who you know and how well-connected they are - but before you dive into this world, you want to decipher what your goals are. 

They may not be abundantly clear right now, however consuming media that gives you clarity on the purpose of your networking will enable you to join the dots way quicker in the long term. 

Plus, the media you consume - let’s say books and podcasts - don’t necessarily have to be “educational” - take “personal development” with a pinch of salt, and instead create a library of media that is going to enrich your networking in a way that best serves you! 

Have no fear!

Networking can feel scary sometimes - especially if you’re on your own and you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to speak to new people. But, that really is the beauty of networking. It forces you to expand your mind and embrace new methods of communication and perspectives. Having a “no-fear” approach to networking will unlock opportunities that you probably would have never imagined.

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