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The Power of Employer Branding & Why It Matters More Than Ever

Mar 25, 2024
The Power of Employer Branding & Why It Matters More Than Ever

We’ve spoken a lot about Personal Branding here at Orbis, but what about Employer Brand? What makes it so powerful, and why is it more important now than it ever has been? 

The truth is that brands have to evolve and stay relevant to ensure that they’re attracting top talent. If not, they’ll be left with stagnant teams and cultures and no fresh talent to shake things up. The current job market that we are in is also particularly difficult. Looming recessions globally have forced organisations to not just cut back on their hiring, but also invest in their employer brand so they can survive this time.

Let’s give you some up-to-date stats:

  • 80% of talent acquisition managers believe employer branding plays a significant role in the ability to hire top talent.
  • 83% of employers say an employer brand significantly impacts their ability to hire great candidates.
  • Companies with a strong employer brand see a 43% decrease in hiring costs.
  • 95% of candidates identify a company’s reputation as a key factor when exploring new career opportunities.

And that’s not it. The statistics are staggering. The bottom line is, employer brand (and having a strong one) talks the talk. It allows you to stand out against the competition, reduce hiring costs, and create a team that genuinely wants to be there. Employer branding is crucial for building a reputation and taking control of that reputation in the market as employers. 

What are some great examples of employer branding? 
Timpson’s Limited

I lost my house keys the other day, so I was in Timpson's today getting a new key cut. I mentioned to the man working there that I'd heard James Timpson on the radio yesterday, and it sounded like a good company to work for. 

This guy couldn't have been happier to tell me all about it - the £2,000 cost of living bonus, the holiday homes for employee use (free for foster families), the £500 towards driving lessons after you've worked there for a year.

He told me the family are lovely people, John Timpson visited the store recently and bought him lunch, and the shop staff all have the CEO's phone number. I already knew Timpson Group had a special employer brand, providing meaningful employment for people who've been in prison and recruiting on personality alone, but it was cheering to hear about it directly from an employee on his own terms. 

It seems to me that this is a company whose purpose shows up as clearly for customers and frontline staff as it would back at head office, and also that visible, accessible leadership counts for a lot.

Another interesting thing James Timpson said on Radio 4 was that the company only has two rules:

  1. Put the money in the till, and
  2. Look the part (show up on time, don't smoke in the shop, that sort of thing).

The rest of it is up to the staff, so they have the freedom to be innovative and do what they need to keep customers coming back.” - Hannah Lang, LinkedIn

This post alone generated 37K likes and a flood of comments - all of which were incredibly positive about Timpson’s and how their “no-frills” approach to employer branding has given them an excellent name in the market. 

Many people echoed positive sentiments about the employer in their own LinkedIn posts, and Timpson’s is an excellent example of a nationwide business that still has a family-feel approach to their employer brand. They clearly put their people first and offer great opportunities, regardless of experience level.

Timpsons Limited is always my go-to example of true employer branding. No performative stunts in sight. Intentional, considered, led by values and tailored to their audience. Next time someone tells you their company is people-centric, use Timpsons as your barometer.” - Rhiannon Stroud

Tony’s Chocoloney

Have you ever had the pleasure of eating Tony’s chocolate? We highly recommend you try it. Along with having some of the nicest chocolate there is, they’ve also got a pretty impressive employer brand.

 “Since our first chocolate bar rolled off the line, we’ve invested a lot in Team Tony’s and in our company culture. Our core values – outspoken, entrepreneurial, willful and makes you smile – are our compass in everything we do. For example, we have impact profiles instead of job descriptions. We hold ‘How you doin’?’ talks instead of performance appraisals. And in our bi-annual Quest-cheer-naire, we ask Team Tony’s what is great and could be better about working at Tony’s.”

What makes Tony’s so great is that they have an incredibly strong value proposition and also have an ethical and sustainable production line for their chocolate. Their friendly, warming culture has ensured that they’ve been recognised for awards such as the FMCG Best Employer Award (2021) and the “Good Egg' award. They have also been named as an industry leader by the independent Chocolate Scorecard. 

How can you start investing in your employer brand?

There are so many elements to consider when looking at personal brand, but we believe that creating a strong personal brand takes the following three key elements as a starting point:

Outline what your values are and ensure that they form the direction of your organisation

Having a strong set of values that your employees can live and breathe ensures that everybody knows why they come to work. People want to know that they’re doing something good and something that extends beyond themselves. Organisations that don’t have values can often go off-piste in terms of why the business exists. Outlining your values and ensuring that the work you do reflects them is a great first step.

Take care of your people

Just like Timpson’s, your people should be your priority. Are they being remunerated correctly? What is the culture of your business currently like? Are people happy? Do they feel supported? If you want your organisation to perform, you need to equip your employees with the best tools so they can do the best work.

Don’t try and look better than what you already are

Finally, no-frills is better than fake-frills. People love authenticity, whether it’s your employees or your customers. Take pride in where your business is currently at, and don’t try to be something you’re not. Having authenticity means that you’ll attract the right people for your organisation, as well as the right customers.

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