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The Principles of Kindness and Applying it to your Job

Nov 14, 2022
The Principles of Kindness and Applying it to your Job

When you think of being kind - what springs to mind?

Is it helping an elderly person across the street? Or, trying to entertain a crying child on a flight to take the pressure away from the stressed parent?

As we celebrate World Kindness Day, we wanted to unpack and break down the 4 true principles of kindness and how they can be your superpower at work!


To be kind, you have to possess a certain level of awareness for what is happening around you, so you can act upon it, whether proactively or reactively. 

How can it help you at work?

Having great awareness at work (and knowing when the right time is to step in) is a great way to harness your kindness and use it in a meaningful way. For example, let’s say that you’ve sat in on a presentation and you’re aware that a particular individual is showing unusual levels of nervousness or anxiety - you could pull them to one side, offering them some words of wisdom. 

Or, you can simply smile at them more during the presentation, or make a conscious effort to praise them after they have finished. The ability to “read the room” can be your kindness superpower!


Being kind without expecting anything in return.

How can it help you at work?

The point of being kind is that it’s a selfless act. This is why genuinely kind people radiate positive energy and bring joy to those around them - it’s simply who they are. If you are conditional with your kindness, for example, only offering it to those who perform well or just having favouritism, it taints the purpose of being kind and can also negatively impact your character.


Until you’ve walked a mile in that person’s shoes - your kindness should be a non-judgemental zone.

How can it help you at work?

At work, you’re going to encounter situations you disagree with, and people that you don’t necessarily like due to how they live their lives. Judgement is inevitable - but it shouldn’t seep into moments when you need to be kind to someone at work. Being kind without judgement (or offering backhanded compliments or help) is key.


Stay true to your word and remember, actions speak louder than them!

How can it help you at work?

The first three principles of kindness can be completely void without action - and being kind through your actions at work can be the most powerful element of them all! You should always aim to act with integrity, stay true to your word, and also ensure that your actions are not done in vain. 

To conclude - kindness costs nothing, but can mean everything

Whether you use all principles of kindness or simply one, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to positively impact others (as well as yourself) on a day-to-day basis. Not only is it the right thing to do - but it will enable you to form deeper, better relationships as you grow and evolve in your professional career.

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