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5 Ways to Cope with Rejection

May 26, 2022
5 Ways to Cope with Rejection

No one likes to be rejected, whether this is at work or in your personal life! We often associate rejection with something that is negative, which makes sense due to the emotions it can often evoke. Studies have shown that anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy and sadness are all valid emotions to feel when we’re rejected.

So, how can we deal with rejection and actively manage our emotions in a healthy way? We’re going to highlight 5 tips you can use to deal with rejection better!

Accept it for what it is

Sometimes, reading into rejection can cause more stress than it’s worth. Instead, accepting that it’s happened is the best thing you can do for your inner peace! 

When we’re rejected, we often look inwards and think about all of the things we could have done differently, instead of taking the rejection at face value. For example, if an idea at work has been rejected – this isn’t necessarily a reflection on every single idea you’ve ever put forward! Instead, treat it as an isolated outcome and don’t read into it too much. 

Talk to others about it

Although rejection can sometimes cause us to feel sad and want to block out any part of what has happened, talking about what has happened with friends or colleagues can help us to make light of the situation or get another perspective. A problem shared, is a problem halved!

Pick out one positive from the rejection

This can be really difficult to do, however, if you can take the time to pick out something that is positive from the rejection, you can reframe how you look at rejection overall. 

For example, if you were rejected for a promotion, or for a new job opportunity – the positive is that you were considered in the first place, and, it isn’t a no forever – it’s a no just for now. The positive is that it’s still achievable, it’s just going to take a little more time.

Let yourself feel the emotion 

Instead of beating yourself up for feeling sad, confused, jealous, or angry, feel the emotion! Don’t bottle it up, but also don’t dwell on it. Sometimes, setting a time limit on how bad you’re going to feel can help you to process it, without letting it consume your thoughts. 

Do something that makes you feel good after 

Whether it’s doing exercise, ordering your favourite food, seeing a friend, or having a gin and tonic, do something afterwards that will make you feel good – and take your mind off the rejection!

In conclusion… No one likes rejection! However, it’s part and parcel of life, whether this is at work or in your personal life. Instead of shying away from it and creating an aversion to rejection, try our tips and reframe how you look at it overall!

For more mental health resources, check out our free Mental Health in the Workplace handbook, available to download now. 


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