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That TikTok Application Trend: What is it? and should I be doing it?

Apr 14, 2022
That TikTok Application Trend: What is it? and should I be doing it?

Job applications are getting more and more creative by the day. From CVs edited to look like menus for hospitality roles, to viral LinkedIn posts that secure job-seekers multiple interviews, traditional methods aren’t the only way that you can get noticed!

So, when global app TikTok had a viral campaign called #HireMe (which for reference, has a quarter of a billion views as of today) people took to the video platform in hopes of landing their dream role. And for some, they were successful. A great example was published online, where an individual racked up over 120K likes and multiple interviews after re-vamping “I will survive” with his own, creative lyrics. 

The trend came to light, as most trends on TikTok do, nearly overnight, and the trend is still widely used today. But, is it a tactic that you should be using to get noticed by prospective employers?

Naturally, not every single employer will be enticed by a video of someone dancing, singing, or miming their own song lyrics, but, it can be a pretty effective way to approach a potential employer, especially if they have a presence on TikTok already.

Take Ryanair or Duo Lingo, for example - two incredibly well-known brands, with two large TikTok followings which are largely centred around nonsensical videos, dance trends, and “in-jokes” created by the internet. 

Our personal favourite is Ryanair, which creates videos that have very little to do with flying across Europe, and instead, appeals to the Gen Z audience which takes up the majority of its followers on the platform. Duo Lingo does the same, regularly collaborating with TikTok personalities to boost their presence. 

If I want to participate in the trend, what should I do? 

Well, first of all, check if your prospective employer is using TikTok! And additionally, see what trends they’ve participated in and how they approach their audience. Use this to your advantage to create the #HireMe content that you want them to see. 

You can do this by stitching their video or directly tagging them! If you aren’t familiar with TikTok, spend some time scrolling through the app first so you can familiarise yourself with how it works and what trends you can participate in.

But, what if my prospective employer isn’t on TikTok?

You could still try this method, but the reality is that they may not see it. Unless you’re set on what type of sector, company, or culture you want to work in - you can use the trend generally to attract prospective employers to your profile. As long as there’s no profanity, inappropriate dancing or miming, then you’re probably safe. 

And finally, you must be comfortable being on video! And if you’re not… that’s okay too. It can be nerve-wracking to put yourself out there, which is why there are so many different application methods available to you. Don’t feel as though you have to participate if it doesn’t work for you.

The workforce is changing massively on a global scale, and so is hiring - being creative with your approach is great, and will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Our advice would be to do your research first, figure out if it’s appropriate for what you want to do, and if it is, then runs with it!

Join the conversation with your views, and comment below!

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